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Unity 2019.2.8f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 27 days agoCreated on February 22nd, 2020
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Magic The Gathering Cards Game

Magic: The Gathering is a card game in which wizards cast spells, summon creatures, and exploit magic objects to defeat their opponents. In the game, two or more players each assemble a deck of 60 cards with varying powers.

They choose these decks from a pool of some 20,000 cards created as the game evolved.

Getting Started

  • Clone de project and open it in your Unity IDE.

alt text


  • Unity 3D
  • Visual StudiO


  • José Manuel Morales García (art design)


  • José Joaquín Pérez Calderón Ortiz - Initial work - joaquinpco


  • Wizard The coast
  • Stack Overflow
  • etc
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