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TinaX.ILRuntime provides C# hotfix capability based on ILRuntime for Unity development framework TinaX

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TinaX Framework - ILRuntime



TinaX is a Unity-based framework, simple , complete and delightful, ready to use. TinaX provides functionality in the form of “Unity packages”.

With TinaX.ILRuntime you can use C# to write hot updateable code.

  • Powerd by ILRuntime

package name: io.nekonya.tinax.ilruntime

“Readme” in other languages :


See example: https://github.com/yomunsam/TinaX/tree/TinaX6.6/Examples

Install this package

Install via openupm

# Install openupm-cli if not installed.
npm install -g openupm-cli
# OR yarn global add openupm-cli

#run install in your project root folder
openupm add io.nekonya.tinax.ilruntime

Install via npm (UPM)

Modify Packages/manifest.json file in your project, and add the following code before “dependencies” node of this file:

"scopedRegistries": [
        "name": "TinaX",
        "url": "https://registry.npmjs.org",
        "scopes": [
        "name": "package.openupm.com",
        "url": "https://package.openupm.com",
        "scopes": [

If after doing the above, you still cannot find the relevant Packages for TinaX in the “Unity Package Manager” window, You can also try refreshing, restarting the editor, or manually adding the following configuration to “dependencies” node.

"io.nekonya.tinax.ilruntime" : "6.6.1"

Install via git UPM:

You can use the following to install and use this package in UPM GUI.


If you want to set a target version, you can use release tag like #6.6.1. for detail you can see this page: https://github.com/yomunsam/TinaX.ILRuntime/releases


if you install packages by git UPM, You need to install the dependencies manually. Or dependencies will installed automatically by NPM / OpenUPM

Learn TinaX

You can find out how to use the various features of TinaX in the documentation


The following excellent third-party libraries are used in this project:

  • UniRx : Reactive Extensions for Unity
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