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Using Unity DOTS Physics with Entitas

Unity 2019.3.2f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 37 days agoCreated on February 27th, 2020
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This is a proof of concept project. New Unity DOTS Physics can be used without Unity ECS, and can be integrated with Entitas, for example.

We can use the full power of new Unity Authoring tools while working inside the editor, and convert Authoring Components to any desired format for any framework on runtime.

Please note, that we have to copy Unity Physics package inside project and make minor changes in API visibility. See the issue for more ditails: https://forum.unity.com/threads/confused-about-api-access.780218

This code is not production ready, not completed and may contains issues. We are not planning to support it in any way. Feel free to fork or copy the code for you needs. Pull requests may be accepted.

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