Holo Toolkit Tank Demo


Technical demo that showcases how to easily build holographic experiences for Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens using the Open Source HoloToolkit for Unity. The Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first self-contained, untethered head-mounted holographic computing device for mixed reality.

This is the demo that was used for my HoloToolkit session at OSCON 2017 in Austin, TX. Get the associated slide deck on SlideShare here. In this session, I offer an overview of the HoloToolkit, an open source project led by Microsoft and the HoloLens community aimed at simplifying the development of mixed reality experiences.

The HoloToolkit consists of a collection of scripts and components intended to accelerate the development of holographic applications targeting Windows Mixed Reality. The HoloToolkit for Unity makes it easy to build advanced holographic features, such as gaze and gesture input, spatial mapping, plane finding, spatial understanding, microphone input, text to speech, and creating shared holographic experiences for multiple users.

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