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#NVJOB Dynamic Sky Lite (standard render). Sky shaders. Unity Asset.

Unity 2019.1.8f1MIT LicenseUpdated 29 days agoCreated on May 10th, 2019
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#NVJOB Dynamic Sky Lite (standard render) v2.3


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Simple and fast sky shaders. The asset includes two shaders and a simple script.
There is an example in the asset that allows you to quickly understand how to use the “sky” in your project.
For the shader to work properly, a dome model with prepared UV is required.

Previous Versions - github.com/nvjob/NVJOB-Sky-Shader-old-versions

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To work on the project, you will need a Unity version of at least 2019.1.8 (64-bit).


The movement of clouds is carried out using global shader variables: _SkyShaderUvX, _SkyShaderUvZ.
_SkyShaderUvX, _SkyShaderUvZ - Offset main texture (Sky shader).

Example script:

using UnityEngine;

public class DynamicSkyLite : MonoBehaviour
    public float ssgUvRotateSpeed = 1;
    public float ssgUvRotateDistance = 1;
    public Transform player;
    Vector2 ssgVector;
    Transform tr;

    private void Awake()
        ssgVector = Vector2.zero;
        tr = transform;

    void Update()
        ssgVector = Quaternion.AngleAxis(Time.time * ssgUvRotateSpeed, Vector3.forward) * Vector2.one * ssgUvRotateDistance;
        Shader.SetGlobalFloat("_SkyShaderUvX", ssgVector.x);
        Shader.SetGlobalFloat("_SkyShaderUvZ", ssgVector.y);
        tr.position = new Vector3(player.position.x, tr.position.y, player.position.z);

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Video manual:


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Patrons: nvjob.github.io/patrons
You can become one of the patrons, or make a sponsorship donation.

Authors: #NVJOB Nicholas Veselov - nvjob.github.io

License: MIT License. Clarification of licenses - nvjob.github.io/mit-license

Support: nvjob.github.io/support

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