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2D ball/paddle game for Android -- first commit at completed tutorial, see README

Unity 2019.3.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 11 days agoCreated on March 25th, 2020
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tutorial URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8FSaMlDbVM&list=PLytjVIyAOStrTBXBuuMR0HjXGIk4DtJrv

puzzle sprites source: https://www.kenney.nl/assets/puzzle-pack

font source: https://github.com/hbin/top-programming-fonts/blob/master/Menlo-Regular.ttf

###run instructions:

start new 2D project in Unity Project editor, overwrite directories with the ones in this repository, build for Android


v 0.1.1: features: made larger png to use for icon; moved boundaries inward; changed font; changed aspect ratio to 16:9 landscape to match my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7)

     issues (resolved): learned the hard way to never delete the .meta for
     Unity-generated sprites, spent way too long resizing both the
     borders, which shrunk down to nothing, and then resizing the
     collision detection, which blew up

     future?: save high score; sound fx, music, options menu

v 0.0.1: completed tutorial.

     features: ball bounces against wall, against paddle; game resets when
     ball leaves camera through bottom of screen; counter keeps track
     of how many times ball makes contacts with paddle; ball is "pushed"
     in random direction upon start; touching right side of screen moves
     paddle to the left and touching left side of screen moves paddle
     to the right

     issues: ugly font; left and right boundaries are too far over to
     show on my phone (find better way to scale?); should move so-far
     unused sprites into a separate folder outside the root so that
     they don't take up random space in the build (or in the repository)
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