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A collection of useful scripts and prefabs for BIM related VR projects in Unity 5.

Unity 5.4.1f1MIT LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on October 23rd, 2016
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BIM VR Toolkit - Building Information Modelling Virtual Reality Toolkit

A collection of useful scripts and prefabs for BIM VR projects in Unity 5.

This Toolkit requires a compatible VR SDK to be imported into your Unity Project


This repo has been set up by the internal team working at freeform3d with its core purpose to setup a framework to enable better team development workflows for creating content for VR platforms.

We use a git workflow to seperate control over scene editing, version control and to access other tools in the git ecosystem for developers. This workflow is useful to centralise, track and version code development helping us to manage our projects by helping us to structure, store code etc.

We hope that this toolbox would become a place of reference for people developing unity VR for the construction industry and a resource for getting started.

This project is heavily inspired by the VRTK.

Whats in the toolkit?

A collection of Unity scripts and prefabs specific to construction industry.

Getting started.

  1. Create Github account.
  2. Download and install github for desktop
  3. Clone this repo and open in unity.
  4. Import the SteamVR Plugin from the Unity Asset Store
  5. See example folder for sample scenes.


We would really like to receive contributions to the project. Please follow guidelines that we have set out below on how to do this.

  1. Fork the project, clone your fork, and configure the remotes.
  2. Create a new topic branch (from master) to contain your feature, chore, or fix.
  3. Commit your changes in logical units.
  4. Make sure all the example scenes are still working.
  5. Push your topic branch up to your fork.
  6. Open a Pull Request with a clear title and description.

Team Development Guidelines

*A loose set of best practices when working with unity projects REF

*Format code according to c# best practice convention. A Sample script with comments can be found in Scripts/SampleScript to support this.

*Complete commit template to keep commit descriptions and project progress easy to follow for others.

*Consider using an IDE like documentX by Innovasys to markup your code. These tools enables intellisense to pick up suggestions by other code editors and helps other developers pick up and work with your code.

This is an example change


This code is released under the MIT licence.

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