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This is Simple global Audio System using unity's addressable system

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 59 days agoCreated on March 25th, 2020
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Simple Global Audio System of ProvisGames

What is this?

Simple solution to managing audio clip

You can easliy change Audio clip of all component that is spreaded image image
Simply change clip at editor

Maked for simple 2D / UI Audio

2D / UI Game doesn’t need so many technique.

But, Must Need single or simultaneous sound play


You can extend Track easliy


single : only play single sound on track

additive : play multiple sound on track


sound transitioning available

How to install?

add this line at ProjectFolder/Packages/manifest.json
“com.provisgames.globalaudiosystem”: “https://github.com/ggzerosum/Unity-GlobalAudioSystem.git#Release


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