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This project provides full hand tracking input for the Hololens 2 in Unity 2018.4 without using MRTK.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 98 days agoCreated on April 6th, 2020
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Pure Hololens 2 Hands

If you’re new to developing for the Hololens 2, you should start with the fabulous MRTK. However, MRTK (which includes over 60,000 lines of code) feels like extreme overkill if all you really want is some hands.

This project contains 2 files of code, and and three prefabs. “Hands.cs” gets the raw joint data, and maps it to “HandProxyJoint” objects, which are a bunch of transforms available in the scene. My goal was to make this as simple as possible. There’s intentinally not even a “show/hide proxies” toggle.

Here it is running:

The hands work in Unity2018.4 with the platform set to Universal Windows Platform. You can see your hand joints working on builds on a Hololens 2 device, or in the editor through the XR -> Holographic Emulation -> Remote To Device system (which is the system I adore and highly recommend.)

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