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Public repo for the Braze Unity SDK

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Braze Unity SDK

This repository contains the the C# interface and native Unity functionality for the Unity plugins derived from the Braze Android and iOS SDKs. Since version 1.5.0, Braze’s Unity plugins require Unity 5. Unity 4 users may integrate Braze Unity SDK release 1.4.0, but full Braze functionality will not be supported. See the CHANGELOG for more information.

Plugin Setup

Before you can start using Braze in Unity scripts, you’ll need to import the plugin files to your Unity project.

Recommended: The Android and iOS plugins are bundled as a Unity package available for download from the SDK release page.

Manual Plugin Setup: Alternatively, you can copy the plugins into your Unity project:

  1. First, clone this repo.
  2. If you’re not using any other plugins, all you have to do is copy the Plugins directory from this repo into the Assets folder of your Unity project.
  3. If you already have a /<your-project>/Assets/Plugins directory (probably because you’re using another plugin already), copy Plugins/Appboy/AppboyBinding.cs into /<your-project>/Assets/Plugins. Then copy the contents of Plugins/iOS and Plugins/Android from this repo into /<your-project>/Assets/Plugins/iOS and /<your-project>/Assets/Plugins/Android respectively.

Android Setup

To integrate Braze into your Android Unity application, complete our Android Unity integration instructions.

iOS Setup

To integrate Braze into your iOS Unity application, complete our iOS Unity integration instructions.

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