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A seamless OSCQuery integration for Unity

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A seamless integration of OSCQuery in Unity


  • In Unity Editor, open Windows > Package Manager
  • Click the “+” icon in the top-left corner of the window, and choose “Add package from git URL…”
  • Paste the url of this repo (include .git) : https://github.com/benkuper/Unity-OSCQuery.git
  • That’s it, you’re set !


Just add the script “OSCQuery” wherever you want and setup the inport port you wish to use for communication.

You can specify a specific object to be used as the root of the hierarchy to expose. Anything outside this object will not be shown in OSCQuery. Leave this field empty to expose all objects in the scene.

When in play mode, you can check that it’s working by going to (or whatever port you chose). You can watch the video to see a basic example.


You can check out this example project using OSCQuery to control simple cubes : https://github.com/benkuper/Unity-OSCQuery-Example

Click on the picture to see the youtube video Click to see the youtube video

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This library embeds few other libraries to work :

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