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Unity Package Manager Git Publish Plugin

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Unity Package Manager Git Pusher



This is a simple tool to automatically push your code into a structure interpreted by UPM.

It is similar to maven release plugin in some way.

The project itself is published using its own code.

Install latest version

Download from OpenUPM or just open Package Manager and add git URL https://github.com/acoppes/upmgitpusher.git#com.gemserk.upmgitpusher

How to use

Just create a folder with your package.json and all the stuff you want to export.

Then, select Assets/UPM Git Package/Publish Patch

How to publish


You can configure some default behaviours in user preferences



  • Publish Major and Minor version changes too.
  • Select specific package.json instead of just finding it (in the case there are multiple libraries).
  • Support for publish multiple libraries not just the main one.
  • Support for having a latest tag which points to the last published release.
  • Support for -preview version notation.
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