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Mobile game created in Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 86 days agoCreated on February 11th, 2020
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Sun vs Cloudator - mobile game

Sun vs Cloudator is mobile game, created in C# with Unity and prototyped in Godot Engine. Game is published on :

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General info

Sun vs Cloudator was created as second project during GameDev School course. We worked in four person team and completed it in two months. It was a first project which we had to complete by ourself. During production we create five gameplay mechani prototypes and selected best in our opinion.


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Game Description

This is the endless game which shows us an adventure of a Sunny the Sun who is flying across the sky, trying to avoid the clouds which are trying to make bad weather and running away from the angry super cloud who’s name is Cloudator. The game was inspired by the good warm summer weather which is usually the favorite one for most of us. Ironically, nothing lasts forever, so in a game, as a brave sun, we are trying to prolong the good mood for everyone as long as we can. And even if eventually we fail - the sun will shine on us again!

Project status

Project is: closed


  • Team leader/Programer - Marcin “AkaiTobira” Data
  • Graphics - Tomasz Wlaźlak & Jakub Wójcik
  • Designers - Tomasz Wlaźlak & Oleksander Kakoshyn
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