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Generator of static code for Layers, SortingLayers, Inputs, Tags, Scenes.

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## Unity3D - static C# code generator for Tags, Layers, SortingLayers, Inputs and Scenes No more stringly-typed code!

  • Don’t like runtime error because of changed string with layer names?
  • Would you like to safely change names of you layers/sorting_layers/inputs/tags without breaking code?
  • Do you prefer compile-time errors instead of run-time errors?

Instead of this:


have this:

Demo gif


  1. Clone to your $REPO/Assets dir.
  2. Static classes will get generated. After any changes in Unity static files will get regenerated.
  3. Don’t .gitignore UnityTypeSafety-generated. Commit generated code to avoid cold-start problem with compilation errors on fresh checkouts.
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