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AR on iOS using Unity and ARFoundation

Unity 2019.2.18f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 34 days agoCreated on April 26th, 2020
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AR Project developed using Unity and ARFoundation for CS4240 | INTERACTION DESIGN FOR VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY.


ARtbook is an application aimed at providing users a guidebook for drawing using AR technology. This allows users to trace the images and draw to their heart’s content.

Group 3 Members:

  • Boo Ming Hui
  • Azizi Azfar
  • Lim Jiho
  • Qi Kongjia

Current Build supported for iOS devices (iOS 11 and above)

  • Tested on iOS 13.3, iPhone 11
  • Unity 2019.2.18f1
  • iOS Module installed
  • Final iOS project built using XCode [Version 11.4.1 (11E503a)]

For Build Purposes

  1. Open the Unity Folder and ensure that Unity has iOS module support.
  2. Build all scenes in order defined in Build Settings
  3. Open Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj in the Build Folder
  4. Run and Build with iPhone connected.
  5. Open ARtbook on iPhone and use the App.
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