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Ultimate Frisbee - Little game to get more familiar with Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 34 days agoCreated on April 15th, 2020
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Flying Frisbee

With this little Ultimate Frisbee game I want to get more familiar with Unity.


04.06.2020 (#17, #18)

Scoring System

  • Point for the player, when frisbee is caught in the endzone.
  • Point for the opponent, when the frisbee touches the ground or is out of bound.

Pause Menu

  • For pausing and resuming the game
  • Very basic “menu”. So far, only for resetting the score
  • Possibility to quit the game


Movement Manager (#12)

  • Can be accessed during game (Space key)
  • Movement Manager pauses the game (frisbee stops in air, players stop moving, …)
  • You can plan some paths for your players. They will start running this path when resuming the game.

07.05.2020 (#11)

  • New minimap in the top-left of the screen
  • Opponents are defending the frisbee, reacting on the aim of the player
  • Players can be selected by clicking on them


More dynamic camera movement:

  • Camera is much closer to the player, like 3rd person view
  • Camera is always filming in aiming direction (rotating around frisbee)
  • Camera follows frisbee very smoothly using linear interpolation


  • Camera and spotlight are following the frisbee.
  • Throw angle can be adjusted to throw higher or lower.
  • Thrower can switch his throw hand (left/right).


  • Basic aim & throw functionality.
  • Player can move while not holding the frisbee.

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