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A p&c adventure about a hamster in a doll house, for mobile & PC, made with Unity

Unity 2019.3.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 20 days agoCreated on May 1st, 2020
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Just Humphrey (Student Project)

Homepage: https://s4g.itch.io/just-humphrey

A mobile P&C adventure game made with Unity

"Just Humphreyā€¯ is a quirky 2D Point and Click Adventure for Android, about a hamster exploring a dollhouse.


  • Exploration of different rooms in a doll house
  • Interactions with various objects and characters


  • Gameplay and Tool Programmer

Engine / Languages

  • Unity, C#


  • Created custom scripting language for the designers using xNode
  • Implemented a way of directly importing and exporting dialogues to and from Google Sheets, using Google Sheets to Unity

Gameplay Screenshot


External Tools

  • Node tool used to develop the scripting language: xNode
  • To import and export dialogues to and from Google Sheets: Google Sheets to Unity
  • For easier testing and deployment of builds among the team: TestFairy
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