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A simple solar system simulation with Unity3D

Unity 2018.2.19f1MIT LicenseUpdated 47 days agoCreated on April 23rd, 2020
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A simple solar system simulation made by Unity3D.

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This is a very simple solar system simulation made by Unity3D according to the Michigan State University’s coursera course Introduction to Game Development.


Solar System

Solar System


I use Unity2018.2.19 and JetBrain’s Rider IDE for this project under Windows 10 environment.
Unity and Unity hub download
archived Unity download
Jetbrains Rider download


1.Download this repo,open(or zip and open) the Unity_Simple-Solar-System-Simulation folder.

2.Open the Assets folder, then open the Scenes folder.

3.Finally double click Solar System.unity to open this project in unity.

4.You may need a little bit more time to wait for downloading some additional resource.

You can use mouse to left click on each planet, then the view will be changed as the clicked planet is always in the center of the view. You can change view both by left clicking each planet directly or just clicking each on the map in the left bottom corner.


The whole project in Unity contains two main folders, Assets folder and Package folder.
Under Assets folder, there are altogether 6 subfolders:

1.Materials folder: contains all materials need for each planet and the universe.

2.Plugins folder: Plugins/Editor/JetBrains, creates for JetBrains Rider IDE.

3.Scences folder: contains the main scence(Solar System) of the project.

4.Scripts folder: contains all three C# scripts. RotateAround script for letting each planet
to rotate(both rotation and revolution),FollowAtTarget script for setting camera to follow a 
target object through aiming at its positive z axis and ChangeLookAtTarget script for setting
camera to look at another target object when we click the left mouse button upon that target object.

5.Sounds folder: contains all sounds files of each planet.

6.Textures folder: contains all textures for each planet and the universe.




MIT license

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