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Unity Infinitie Scroll example

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 15 days agoCreated on May 12th, 2020
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Wrap Content

Example for creating GUI elements using LeoECS and Unity3d

thanks leo GitHub Pages

screenshot_0 screenshot_1 screenshot_2

  1. create data structure. example:
public struct CustomWrapItemData
    public string str;
  1. create an inheritor class from MonoBehaviour and override interface IBaseItem functions this is for scroll item element
public class WrapItem : MonoBehaviour, IBaseItem<CustomWrapItemData>
    public int index{set; get;} 
    public void SetData(int index, ref T data){}
    public void SetSize(float size){}
    public void SetAction(ViewAction action){}
    public void SetAction(float tm_action, float tm_cur, ViewAction action){}
    public void Show(bool show){}
  1. create an inheritor class from BaseWrapContent - this is scroll class GetItemSize - return size of scroll item
public class CustomWrapContent:  BaseWrapContent<CustomWrapItemData, WrapItem>
    protected override float GetItemSize(CustomWrapItemData data)
        return 60f;

see scene example

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