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Prototype of platformer game created in Unity

Unity 2019.3.13f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 22 days agoCreated on May 10th, 2020
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NeonJumper is prototype of platformer game created in Unity

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General info

NeonJumper is simple prototype of platormer game, created for educational reasons. In game you have to get as high as possible score by destroying drons. During game you can climb on the leaders and destroy robots by jumping on their heads. You can also collect points by gathering holographs which are placed almost everywhere 😃


Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Project status

Project is: in develpoment


  • A/Arrow Left -> Move Left
  • D/Arrow Right -> Move Right
  • W/Arrow Up -> Lader climbing
  • S/Arrow Donw -> Fall by some floor
  • Space -> Jump


  • Programer - Marcin “AkaiTobira” Data
  • Graphics was downloaded from unity store.
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