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A Unity custom made package with useful development tools

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A Weatherlight custom made package with useful development tools for anyone!

This package includes some major or minor tools that we often use to develop our games. You can see them and how they work in the following sections!

Downloading and using

To use this package inside Unity simply open Window > Package Manager, on the window that appears click the “+” icon and select “Add Package from git URL…”, then paste the link you get from this repository ( and Unity will do the rest! When Unity has downloaded and included this package you can directly use it (see next sections for tools found in the package and how to use them)

Bezier Curves

A collection of efficient bezier curves implementations


Simply call BezierCurves. and then the function you want to use. Documentation can be found in the BezierCurves.cs file and a usage example in CustomGizmosTester.cs

Available functions are divided in param-like Bezier curves (which return a single point on the curve) and list-like Bezier curves (which return a list of points on the curve)

Usage example

void Update(){
    transform.position = BezierCurves.Quadratic(
        new Vector3(0, 0, 0,), 
        new Vector3(0.5f, 2, 0.5f),
        new Vector3(1, 0, 1),

Custom Gizmos

A collection of useful development Editor-only gizmos. You can see them here:


These gizmos only work in OnDrawGizmos and onDrawGizmosSelected Unity function. Simply define a color and use them like this

private void OnDrawGizmos(){
    Gizmos.Color =;

You can see documentation on each function in the CustomGizmos.cs file and a usage example in CustomGizmosTester.cs


Contributions on this repository are accepted! To properly contribute:

  1. Create a new empty Unity project
  2. Navigate to the Unity project folder
  3. Enter the Packages folder
  4. Create a new empty folder called WeatherUtils
  5. Fork this repository into your account
  6. Clone your forked repository into the WeatherUtils folder
  7. Edit, Create and Test what you want
  8. Create a pull-request into the original repository


The library use the MIT license, you can check for more details

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