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Easy Icon Maker is a simple but flexible tool for creating images from 3D objects in Unity

Unity 2018.4.3f1MIT LicenseUpdated 78 days agoCreated on May 18th, 2020
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Easy Icon Maker

Easy Icon Maker is a simple but flexible tool for creating images from 3D objects in Unity.


Key features:

  • creating an image from objects with the MeshRenderer component in a specially created scene
  • work from the Unit Editor or from your code
  • setting the position, rotation and scale of the object
  • setting the direction and color of two light sources
  • fill the background with solid color, set a transparent background, or set the image as the background
  • the ability to select a folder to save the image (by default, images are saved in the “Assets/Easy Icon Maker” folder)

Examples of getting an image from the code:

Creating an image will consist of several basic steps:

  • create a preview scene
  • adding an object with the MeshRenderer component to the scene
  • calling the image-making method
  • clear scene preview

Optionally, you can customize the scene using the following properties of the scene object:

  • GameObject CameraContainer (used for rotation the camera around the object)
  • Camera PreviewCamera
  • Light Light1
  • Light Light2

Texture2D MakeImage(string folderPathf, string name, int size, Texture texBG) method parameters:

  • folderPathf - path to save the image. If you specify null, then image will be no saving, if you specify “default”, then there will be a save to the folder “Assets/Easy Icon Maker/”.
  • name - name of the saved file. If you specify “default”, then the name will be taken from GameObject.name.
  • size - width and height of the square image.
  • texBG - image to be used as background.
using EasyIconMaker;
	// creating Preview Scene
	PreviewScene preview = new PreviewScene();
	// adding a prefab object to the scene
	// getting a texture with a white background and a size of 256x256 pixels without saving the file to disk
	Texture2D tex = preview.MakeImage(null, null, 256, null);  
	// getting a texture with a yellow background, size 378x378 pixels and saving it in the "Assets/My folder/" folder with the name icon1.png
	string folderPathf = "Assets/My folder/";
	string name = "icon1";
	preview.PreviewCamera.backgroundColor = Color.yellow;
	Texture2D tex = preview.MakeImage(folderPathf, name, 378, null); 

	// getting a texture with a transparent background, size 512x512 pixels and saving it in the "Assets/Easy Icon Maker/" folder with the GameObject name .png
	preview.PreviewCamera.clearFlags = CameraClearFlags.Nothing;
	Texture2D tex = preview.MakeImage("default", "default", 512, null);  
	// creating a texture with a background from your image, size 256x256 and saving it in the "Assets/Easy Icon Maker/" folder with name car.png
	string name = "car";
	Texture myBackground = Resources.Load<Texture>("Textures/backgroundForIcon"));
	preview.PreviewCamera.clearFlags = CameraClearFlags.Nothing;
	preview.MakeImage("default", name, 256, myBackground);
	// clearing the scene
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