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Simple Unity Game - Angry Birds

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 198 days agoCreated on May 20th, 2020
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Simple Unity Game - Angry Birds

  • In this game we've created a simple simulation of an Angry Bird Replica game, We used a hook with a sling-joint to implement the slingshot feel to the game. The game has multiple levels ordered by their difficulty. The game has different enemies, different scenes, different materials, sound effects and animations.
  • link - Player

player move


  • The state of the game is saved after each shot the player takes, and only resets after losing all the health points.

save state

  • Each enemy has a different Amount of force that needs to be implied on it in order to get killed. link - Enemy
  • We've created a camera that tracks the player movement and position, and also the enemy.


  • In the first level, we've created a simple game with only enemies and boxes.

  • In the second level, we've created an enemy with higher resistance, different materials with higher mass making it harder to be moved, also the new enemy is sheltered making the level harder than the first.

  • In the third level, we've increased the number of enemies, and placed one of them high above the ground making it harder to target and aim.

  • In the fourth level, we've created another enemy which has an even higher resistance, and in order to kill it the player has to think smart and think of a strategy in order to success. We've added a new material with a higher mass also to this level.

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