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A collection of utilities to enhance the Unity Editor

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Editor Enhancer

The Editor Enhancer package is a collection of utilities aimed to enhance the Unity Editor. See the roadmap section for more information on what is coming next.


Unity 2019.3.0 or newer.


Open the Package Manager window and follow the instructions to install a package from a Git URL. This is the URL you need to enter:


Dark Theme

This is an option in Project Settings > Editor Enhancer to replace the personal Editor theme with the “Pro Editor UI theme” which is only available in Unity Plus and Pro plans. Unity defines this theme as a “Beautiful, easy on the eyes, dark UI environment”. So yes, having this is pretty good.

This feature has been tested with all Unity 2019.3.x versions and the latest Unity 2020.1 betas. It is a 100% legal hack, meaning no binary patching or something like that. You can check the source code to see how it works.


After enabling the dark theme you could find a few windows (like Timeline) and 3rd party plugins still showing non darken parts. These cases are special and require adapting the code for detecting our dark theme.

Please make sure to leave the ‘Auto Enable On Startup’ unchecked until you verify that the dark theme change works for your particular Unity configuration as expected.

The Sidebar is a configurable utility window that will keep docked on the left or the right side of the main editor window automatically. Its purpose is to host a series of clickable icons (items) each one of them having an associated one of the following functions:

  • Set Layout: Load the layout associated with the item as if you would have chosen it from the Layout menu of the top right corner.
  • Execute Menu Item: Perform the menu action associated with the item. You specify a menu action by indicating its menu path. As an example, you would specify File/Save to save the current scene with one click.
  • Separator: No action, just a visual separator.


You can fully configure the items and the rest of options of the Sidebar in the Project Settings > Editor Enhancer pane. This is a quick explanation of the less obvious options:

  • Save Layout On Change: When enabled your current window layout will be saved before changing to another layout by clicking another Sidebar ‘Set Layout’ item. This is a nice convenience because “as is” Unity does not save a modified layout automatically but requires you to explicitly use the Save Layout option in the Layout menu.
  • Play Mode Layout: You can specify here the layout you want to use during Play mode and the Sidebar will manage the change automatically. Try it.

Just some simple but convenient menu scripts that I use frequently in my projects:

Menu Item Key Purpose
Assets/Duplicate Ctrl+D ⌘+D Duplicate the selected asset. I know we can do this already with the Edit/Duplicate option, but this is more convenient because the Duplicate option will be now available in the asset context menu as well.
GameObject/Group Ctrl+G ⌘+G Creates a new GameObject “Group” containing the current selection of GameObjects. The group will take the place of the last top-level GameObject in the selection.


  • Double Click manager.
  • Enter/Exit play mode actions.
  • Overlay toolbars?
  • Dockable Build Window?
  • Customizable Toolbar?
  • Notes?
  • Notification Centre?


Thanks to TheZombieKiller, Peter77, Grimreaper358, Kamyker and everyone who contributed with code and ideas to the Editor skinning thread in the Unity forums. You gave the hints and inspired me to complete the work.

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