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A unity editor extension for tracking, tagging & managing your unity asset store content

Unknown VersionOtherUpdated 255 days agoCreated on April 25th, 2020
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Built with ❤︎ by Red Owl Games


Red Owl Games owns alot of Unity asset store assets. We built this as a way to use a single unity project to track, find, tag and otherwise manage our plethora of Unity asset store content. (Models, Textures, Shaders, Sounds, etc)


  • Search through all assets in project (Textures, Models, Materials, Sounds, etc)


  • Needs “dirty” based event system for the tool to respond better to certain actions
  • Needs a “Event” for when data has changed so things can subscribe to it and “refresh” their data
    • Examples: when rename - path | when adding a wholly new tags - the search tag filter dropdown needs to update it list
  • BUG: When an item is selected, then a search was done that the selected item doesn’t fit, then when that item is uncheck a “search” needs to be repreformed so the item goes away
  • BUG: when the GridView isn’t full because of odd numbers it shows a “null” reference picker - need to hide this somehow (maybe using a NullKeplerGridItem so it has something but doesn’t display anything)
  • Mass set texture properties (texture presets)
  • Create a way to push “tags” back to the Asset as “labels”
  • Save Editor field values in EditorPrefs so when reloads happen fields arn’t wipped
  • Profile switching to PLINQ -
  • Report bug to Sirenix when we make the TableItems list smaller then the view area of the Table List
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