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Max's long long journey into the unity world.

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The development environment

All developers have to use the following version of software

Recommended IDE

  • rider by jetbrains if available
  • Visual Studio 2017 + ReSharper

How to properly clone the repo

After you clone the repo. please execute

git submodule update --init --recursive

This will recursive clone all submodules from the github.

Running Pd and Unity Editor / Build

The unity project contains an Pd analyzer patch under Soundvision/UnityProject/Assets/StreamingAssets/pd/patch/analyzer.pd always start the analyzer patch before running anything in the editor or as a build.


The Unity project access the Arrays in Pd patch via shmem (Shmem) object

Nuget package

Some advanced feature such as Kinect Azure requires extra nuget package, using Unity NuGet.

To add a registry, edit SoundVision/UnityProject/Packages/manifest.json

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