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A Meditative Cosmic Space!!! -- repo on Altering WebVR Headset movement to Camera Link in MERAKI WebVR Experience - Mozilla WebXR Unity

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Meraki 1.0

Meraki (Meh-rah-Kee) is an interactive VR experience that focuses on the relationship between inner and outer reality. The internal pulse of the heartbeat is juxtaposed with the vast expanse of the cosmos. Every star has its own voice that sings a chorus against the beat of the heart. Explore the intricate complexities of the human heart and make a wish on a shooting star.

Featuring a cosmic meditative space of stars and galaxies and of one’s very own nature. with 3D Audio ---- Built On webVR, Meraki works on most VR HMD’s, and is also playable on computer if no HMD is available (VR highly recommended tho).

This repo is mainly targetted towards the fundamental script (Uppermgmt.cs) of a unique camera dynamics in relation to VR headset movement seen in meraki webvr experience. Containing some helpful insight on if one wishes to alter the headset movement integration - through Mozilla WebXR Unity Plugin. smallsnipfrom research doc

The Camera dynamic induces some very interesting results when immersed in VR, juxtaposing the idea of inner reality - switching between normal and this camera dynamic when immersed seems to further dazzle the players(presented in expo(RMITMAGI2018) and alongside peers) - trick mind and body in unique ways, further on virtual reality and blending perceptions can be followed in research theories through docs below -

In Detail : Behind the Curtains >>

[Playlink>] About M E R A K I :

Concept,Background and Research Doc – Virtual Reality_3D Binaural Audio and Perception Research Project Proposal

Background(ver1)– Sahaj_Garg_Immersive VR Mindfulness_3D audio Research Methods Literature Review

DEV Log Doc – Meraki Dev log

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