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An extremely light weight, extendable and customisable tweening engine made for script-based animations for user-interfaces and world-spaces objects optimised for all platforms.

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An extremely light weight, extendable and customisable tweening engine made for script-based animations for user-interfaces and world-spaces objects optimised for all platforms.

The power and speed you expect get other tweening engines, but better, with strictly typed methods and clean and ease-to-use forward methods for all use cases.

When using any of the packages, please make sure to Star this repository and give credit to Jeffrey Lanters / El Raccoone somewhere in your app or game. It it prohibited to distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software!

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Made with ♥ by Jeffrey Lanters


Install using the Unity Package Manager. add the following line to your manifest.json file located within your project’s packages directory.

"nl.elraccoone.tweens": "git+https://github.com/elraccoone/unity-tweens"


Easing Methods

This module exposes a various number of methods, these are presented in Extention methods for both GameObjects and any type of Component.

// Transforming
TweenPosition (Vector3 to, float duration);
TweenPositionX (float to, float duration);
TweenPositionY (float to, float duration);
TweenPositionZ (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalPosition (Vector3 to, float duration);
TweenLocalPositionX (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalPositionY (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalPositionZ (float to, float duration);
TweenAnchoredPosition (Vector2 to, float duration);
TweenAnchoredPositionX (float to, float duration);
TweenAnchoredPositionY (float to, float duration);
TweenRotation (Vector3 to, float duration);
TweenRotationX (float to, float duration);
TweenRotationY (float to, float duration);
TweenRotationZ (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalRotation (Vector3 to, float duration);
TweenLocalRotationX (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalRotationY (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalRotationZ (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalScale (Vector3 to, float duration);
TweenLocalScaleX (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalScaleY (float to, float duration);
TweenLocalScaleZ (float to, float duration);

// Renderers & Canvas
TweenImageFillAmount (float to, float duration);
TweenGraphicAlpha (float to, float duration);
TweenGraphicColor (Color to, float duration);
TweenSpriteRendererAlpha (float to, float duration);
TweenSpriteRendererColor (Color to, float duration);
TweenMaterialAlpha (float to, float duration);
TweenMaterialColor (Color to, float duration);
TweenTextMeshAlpha (float to, float duration);
TweenCanvasGroupAlpha (float to, float duration);

// Audio
TweenAudioSourceVolume (float to, float duration);
TweenAudioSourcePitch (float to, float duration);

// Misc
TweenValue (float to, float duration, Action<float> onUpdate);
TweenDelayedInvoke(float duration, Action onComplete);
TweenCancelAll (bool includeChildren = false, bool includeInactive = false);


When invoking a Tween as show above, various options can be changed using the follwing chainable methods.

When storing a tween in a variable, all these options can be changed afterwards as well.

// Basics
SetFrom (T valueFrom);

// Events
SetOnComplete (Action onComplete);
SetOnCancel (Action onCancel);

// Timing
SetPingPong ();
SetLoopCount (int loopCount);
SetInfinite ();
SetDelay (float delay, bool goToFirstFrameImmediately = false);
SetTime (int time);
SetRandomTime ();
SetPaused (bool isPaused);

// Animation
SetOvershooting (float overshooting);
SetEase (Ease ease);
SetEaseLinear ();
SetEaseSineIn ();
SetEaseSineOut ();
SetEaseSineInOut ();
SetEaseQuadIn ();
SetEaseQuadOut ();
SetEaseQuadInOut ();
SetEaseCubicIn ();
SetEaseCubicOut ();
SetEaseCubicInOut ();
SetEaseQuartIn ();
SetEaseQuartOut ();
SetEaseQuartInOut ();
SetEaseQuintIn ();
SetEaseQuintOut ();
SetEaseQuintInOut ();
SetEaseExpoIn ();
SetEaseExpoOut ();
SetEaseExpoInOut ();
SetEaseCircIn ();
SetEaseCircOut ();
SetEaseCircInOut ();
SetEaseBackIn ();
SetEaseBackOut ();
SetEaseBackInOut ();
SetEaseElasticIn ();
SetEaseElasticOut ();
SetEaseElasticInOut ();
SetEaseBounceIn ();
SetEaseBounceOut ();
SetEaseBounceInOut ()
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