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Demonstration of boid/flocking agents and its behaviors powered by Unity C# Job System.

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Demonstration of boid agents and its flocking behaviors powered by Unity C# Job System.

In this project, I created a simulation of fish schools inside a contained area. Each fish is a gameobject and must loop through each other fish to calculate its next trajectory. To achieve maxium performance, we utilize Unity C# job systems to multithread each fish’s calculations.

This Demonstration does NOT utilize the Unity’s Entities from their Enitity Component System (ECS) as my use case required non-entities. Each agent is a regular gameobject that uses regular Unity/Nvidia physics. However, since design is similar to the data oriented architecture, it should be easy to transition to a ECS system.

In the end, performance and results was very good. I was able to get more then 90 frames a second with thousands of agents which was the minimum target when tested inside a VR project.


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Whats Next?

  • Currently, each agent has to loop through every other agent even if the other agent is too far for relevance.
    • Solution to this is to have each agent only calculate only its neighboring agents by caching neighbors within a sphere.
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