3D Pac Party by Ladadoos - 1


A 3D multiplayer game in Unity similar to PacMan.

Unity 2018.3.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 269 days agoCreated on November 4th, 2019
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Multiplayer 3D Pacman game by Alpaca Studios.

A multiplayer 3D game made in unity where Pacman (one of the players) plays agaisnt the ghosts (the remaining players). There are random events that happen throughout the game like players being teleported, small volcanic eruptions that hurt all players etc. Each ghost has random personal missions to complete to receive points (to see who the best ghost was). The ghosts need to defeat PacMan and PacMan needs to collect all the pellets to win. All maps are randomly generated.

This was a university project and what I worked on was: multiplayer (and game synchronization), ghost mission system, random event system, big part of the user interface, lobby, end-game screen, player movement, big part of the interaction between ghosts and PacMan, and other small parts like loading screen, splash screen etc.

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