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Criz Games' Artificial Intelligence Library for Unity

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This is Criz Games’ Artificial Intelligence Library for Unity.

It is not meant to be used by other people, but if you want to use it, feel free to do so! Also, it is not the fastest library, but fast enough for my purposes. It is probably better to use Unity’s ML-Agents.


In the Unity package manager, click on the plus sign > Add package from Git URL…


Neural Networks

When you want to make a simple neural network, then using SequentialNet is the right way to go.

SequentialNet net = new SequentialNet(
      new Layers.Dense(6, Activations.Identity),
      new Layers.Dense(8, Activations.ReLU),
      new Layers.Dense(8, Activations.Sigmoid),
      new Layers.Dense(4, Activations.Softmax));

As you can see, the library has a number of activation functions.

Custom Layer

Currently, there is only the “Dense” layer, but you can add your own layer easily. Just inherit the “Layer” class.

public class CustomLayer : Layer
    public override void Init(int neurons, Layer previousLayer, Func<float[], bool, float[]> activationFunc, bool onlyPositiveWeights, float initWeightsRange)
        // Initialize layer

    public override void Process()
        // Feed forward

Custom Activation function

Activation functions can also be added easily. Just create a function with float[] and bool as parameters and float[] as return type.

public static float[] CustomActivationFunction(float[] layer, bool derivative = false)
    if (derivative)
        float[] derivatives = new float[layer.Length];

        // Do stuff if derivative

        return derivatives;

    // Do stuff

    return layer;
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