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AI tools and algorithms for rapid prototyping and development

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AI tools and algorithms for rapid prototyping and development

This is three stage algorithm setup, built to combine traditional decision making techniques such as decision trees with modern techniques such as Machine Learning, the three stages of this system are as follows

1- A higher goal is selected using GOAP (goal oriented action planning) 2- inside the goals tasked are performed using decision trees 3- machine learning can be performed on decision trees to improve agent’s decision making for their goals

this system also comes with a location awareness tool for AI agents, using this tool locations any 3d object can be converted to a location.

overall the system is complete however this is first iteration and code needs a final cleanup, contact me before using it in your project at obaidurrehman164@gmail.com i will provide you the necessary details. there is prefab in game/prefabs/zombieprefab, use this as a refrence for creating custom agents there is basic example in game/demos/demo folder

( here are some basic videos, i will clean up the system and create a comprehensive video tutorial shortly )



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