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Rapid-Development-Tools (u-RDT)

Rapid development tools is a collections of scripts and tools written in a complete modular fashion that works together as a system to achieve complex behaviours.

Most systems work independently but some systems are inter-dependent e.g Navigation system depends on vision system for proper path planning and avoiding obstacles.

contact me at ObaidurRehman164@gmail.com if you want to integerate this system in your project. use-> download and import this repo in your project.

at the end of this intro there is a quick tutorial which shows how to setup and get this system running

Basic Components and Tools

Component control master Component control master controls enabling disabling of components attached to an entity based of type of control selected for that entity e.g AI-agent, player, flocking agent etc

AI This is the brain of AI, this system comes with powerful AI-Algorithm GOAP(Goal oriented action planning) with ability to

  1. create agents either with complete un-predictibility in their actions(desire oriented) or
  2. condition oriented which allows more control over AI behaviour.

Enhanced navigation Enhanced navigation is built on top of Unity’s Navmesh and adds more features to it, such as keeping track of areas(visited, unvisited), ability to cull invalid ares, distributing items on the fly, creating area for better navigation for AI, better visualization etc.

Location Tool The location tool is designed to create location awareness in game AI agents, any place or 3d object can be converted to a location, you can then

  1. define boundaries of that location or
  2. mark important destinations in that location e.g a house locations might have important destinations such as bedroon or kitchen, the AI is automatically able to navigate to any location.
  3. You can use also use location tool to create paths or routes for AI charatcers.
  4. Poison-Disc sampling distributed points, can be distributed inside the boundaries of a location.

Behaviours Behaviours define actions of individual AI Agents, e.g

  1. Seek behaviour allows the AI agent to navigate to any location or position or follow another character.
  2. Wander behaviour allows agents to wander randomly
  3. Collect Item, allows the agent to search and collect any specified items in game world.
  4. Path follow, allows the agent to follow any particular path.
  5. MoveToLocation, allows agent to navigate to any location destination, created using Location tool.

Group Behaviours

  1. Famous Flocking algorithm for fish, animal or birds simulation etc.
  2. Different rts style formation motions.

Some other useful system are

  1. Inventory system
  2. RPG style Camera system with proper collision handling.
  3. Messaging system

ther is more in this system, download this repo and explore.

as of ver 1.0 of RD-tools Flocking agent stytem is work in progress, and desire oriented AI (GOAP) is fully implemented, however there is no visual editor you will have to code everything, however both of these issues will be addressed shortly, GOAP is located in Game/Library/AI folder.


since setting up, RD-tools can be time consuming if you not fimiliar with all the components and tools, therefore I have provided a few demo scenes, as well as pre configured prefabs that you can just you can just drag and drop and get things running. demo scenes are in Game/Demo folder. prefabs are in Game/prefabs folder.

  1. Open up the scene Game/Demos/DemoStart, you will see a small level nothing else, this scene has navmesh already setup, we will start from here.

  2. First video, demostrates setting up enhanced navigation, setting up layers for AI, using AI spawner and creating a basic wandering agent. RDT setup.

  3. In second we will create an agent that searches and collects specified items. Item collector.

  4. In this video we will setup a follower AI Agent, that follows the player, we will also bring the default player character that comes with RD-tools.

  5. In this video we will use Location tool, to create our first location, we will create destinations for that location and have the AI go to that Location automatically.

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