Maze Project

Unity development tool with C# scripts based VR(Virtual Reality) development project (A Maze Starter Project).

Built a VR application using Unity and the Google VR SDK where the user explores a maze environment to demonstrate working knowledge of 2D and 3D UI, waypoint based navigation, procedural animation, interactive objects, spatial audio, particle effects and persistent storage of session data. screenshut

The version of VR Applications

Unity 2017.1.0p4 GVR Unity SDK v1.70.0

Download prefabs from Unity Asset Store

  • Grass for ground, published by Yughues Free Ground Materials, Textures & Materials/Ground, Nobiax/Yughues.
  • Fence prefab, published by Module Fortress (3D Models/Environments Tibor Szijjarto).
  • Tree, published by Mediterranean (3D Models/Vegetation/Trees), Immortal Factory.
  • Realistic Tree, published by (3D Models/Vegetation/Trees, Rakshi Game).

Download Sound FX/BGM from Unity Asset Store

  • Poignant Symphony Music Moules as Background Music, published by Wendy Wiseman Fisher, Textures & Materials/Ground, Audio/Music/Orchestral.
  • Footsteps, as effective sounds in the game, published by Carpet Pack, Audio/Sound FX, Profi Developers. fresh_tomatoes.open_movies_page(movies)

Video recording clipping

  • Video recording for the Maze Entrance
  • Video recording for finding the key
  • Video recording to open the Temple with the key

Author of this coding

  • Hyo Lee, linkedin here
  • January 11, 2018.