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🐕 Multiplayer AR Virtual Pet game made in Unity using the Augmented Space Library.

Unity 2020.1.0b4Unknown LicenseUpdated 111 days agoCreated on April 24th, 2020
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In-Development Multiplayer Augmented Reality Virtual Pet game

Developing in Unity using C#, the Augmented Space Library, the Google ARCore SDK, and the Unity AR Foundation framework


🖥️ Developed by University of Washington Bothell Students

  • Sean Miles
  • Marc Skaarup


Backpack icon by Flat Icons
Food icon by Freepik
Exercise icon by Vitaly Gorbachev
Affection icon by Freepik
Tap/Interact icon by Kiranshastry
Eraser icon by Pixel perfect
Check icon by Pixel perfect
Remove icon by Pixel perfect
Warning icon by Freepik
Riffic Free Bold font by Nini Prower
3D Models by Quaternius
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