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Multiplayer sandbox evolution simulation

Unity 2019.4.0f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 6 days agoCreated on June 14th, 2020
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Local usage

  1. Download and import Nakama unitypackage to Assets/Plugins for example.
  2. Download and import NuGet unitypackage to Assets/Plugins for example.
  3. Download and import Unitask unitypackage to Assets/Plugins for example.
  4. Install Google.Protobuf through NuGet.
  5. Install docker and docker-compose
  6. Install make


# Build Unity client and server
make build

# Start Nakama server and Unity server
make nakama_and_server

# In another tab, run a client
make client

Deploy server

Using Helm and Kubernetes

  1. Install kubectl
  2. Install helm
  3. Install minikube (only local k8s yet)

make nakama

Using Docker

Something like:

docker-compose -f Server/docker-compose.yml up --build nakama

Bare metal

good luck

OVHcloud deployment

  1. Go to ovhcloud website -> login -> public cloud -> create an instance -> pick any
  2. Ubuntu 18.04
  3. Put your ssh key (cat ~/.ssh/ for example)
  4. Add a post installation script:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y tmux git apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common make
sudo curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] bionic stable"
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y docker-ce
su -
usermod -aG docker ${USER}
su - ubuntu
sudo curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
git clone
cd niwrad

# TODO: finish this, how to download cloud built artifact ?
# Unzip ...
tmux new -s niwrad
make nakama_and_server

How it works


Simulate physics is hard. Unity does it decently using Physx under the hood.
It’s easier to just use Unity for that instead of the Nakama server.



The principle is to simulate few similar key points among darwinian evolution, obviously the goal is to avoid to go too low level or over-engineer, we ain’t got quantum computers !

  • Life forms “hosts” that carry characteristics like every “survival machine” on our world that carry genes, these genes “manipulate” the hosts to try survive, here the concept of gene hasn’t been introduced.
  • Hosts can breed, when they do, they characteristics are “mixed” plus a slight randomness (mutation).
  • Hosts behaviour must be generic, so we can either implement simple algorithm like state-machines, behaviour trees or go more complex like (deep) reinforcement learning.
  • According to these implementations, the hosts will evolve by natural selection, some characteristics that help survival (speed … ?) will increase, some that harm survival will decrease
  • The fun part: players can do some actions that will trigger artificial selection, e.g. like we human selected the cows that produce the most milk, the goal is to implement actions that offer the possibility to influence evolution. Currently what came to my mind: any way to protect, harm, heal, feed … some targeted hosts (high speed hosts ? big hosts …)


Some useful commands

# [Use local Docker images within k8s](
eval $(minikube docker-env)
docker build -t nakama Server/modules
# Get service url
minikube service list
helm install niwrad Server/base


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