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Unity 2019.2.7f2Unknown LicenseUpdated 105 days agoCreated on June 17th, 2020
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Hyper casual mobile game developed by Unity


In Escape, player act as a thief. He robbed the city shops & escape city. As a runner he has to evade road blocks, city protectors who enemy of player & their spells.
Player can collect lives & shields. Lives increase your health (you have maximum 5 lives). Shield protect you from road blocks, spells & enemies.


Install the apk (27mb) from latest build folder.
Supported : Android

Performance Strategies

  • Lowpoly model used to reduce heavy of app.
  • Object poolers used to minimize instantiations & destroy game objects, it will reduce draw calls of game & improve efficiency as well. There are 2 object poolers are used for Building spawner & Road objects spawner.


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