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Zombie Apocalypse: 3D Unity game based on the theme Shoot 'em up. With VR support for Level 3

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# Programming Digital Game Engines

Assignment 1

Zombie Apocalypse

Joe O’Regan K00203642


Zombie Apocalypse is a 3D First Person Shooter (FPS), created in Unity as part of the CA for the fouth-year Programming Digital Game Engines module of my Game Design and Development course. The game is coded in C#.

YouTube Videos and SoundCloud Audio Tracks:

YouTube Zombie Apocalypse Gameplay

Other Links:


alt text

Zombie Apocalypse Title Screens

alt text

alt text

Level 1: Security Building, Target Practice, Practice Zombies (For Testing Weapons)

alt text

Level 2: Passageways to underground laboratory

alt text

Level 3: Great hall and underground research lab


You are required to create a 3D game using Unity 2017.1.x based on the theme Shoot ‘em up

Requirements for the game are as follows

  1. The game must have a minimum of 1 level and a maximum of 3 levels
  2. Each level must last at least 1 minute
  3. The levels should progress in difficulty i.e. 1st level easy, 2nd level medium, 3rd level more difficult
  4. Each submission must include a Design Document
  5. A submission of 1 level will be weighted at 0.6 a submission of 2 levels will be weighted at 0.75 a submission of 3 level will be weighted at 1.0
  6. You may be required to demo the game to your lecturer
  7. The project and asset file as well as the binary release must be burned to a DVD. The lecturer will copy the DVD to his C drive and load it in to Unity to examine the project and play the game. Include a README.txt with the DVD which explains how to open and play the game in Unity
  8. The Design Document template is available on Moodle in the 4th year project resources section. In the Misc section describe your Unity implementation and the approach you took.
  9. Provide a 30 seconds to 1 minute video trailer showing actual game footage for your game.
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