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An audio visual experience with the Unity game engine and the Roland MC-101 synthesizer.

Unity 2019.4.1f1The UnlicenseUpdated 55 days agoCreated on May 7th, 2020
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Khoreo is an audiovisual project with the Unity game engine and the Roland MC-101 synthesizer.

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YouTube video - 20 minute performance at Channel #22

System Requreiments

  • Unity 2019.4
  • Roland MC-101
  • UVC compliant video input device (webcam)

How to use

Khoreo uses a MIDI connection to control visual effects from MC-101. You can use a physical MIDI connection (MIDI interface + MIDI cable) or a USB cable connection with the MC-101 MIDI driver.

You must enable the MIDI message transmission (TxUSB MIDI/TxMIDI Out) on all the four tracks. These options are available from the track settings menu (press SHIFT and TRACK SEL 1 - 4). Please see the reference manual for details.

I designed the visual effects under the assumption that each track is assigned as follows:

Track Type Effects
Track 1 Drums 1 Camera
Track 2 Drums 2 Light
Track 3 Keys Hair
Track 4 Pads Others

Each effect is only enabled when its assigned audio track is active (not silent). In other words, you can instantly deactivate the effects by cutting the track off using the fader.

There are a few key controls that modify the effect parameters.

Key Function
1 Main spotlight
2 Posterize effect
Q Change hair length
A Body trails
S Web-like string
Z Swirling lines
X Beanstalk thing
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