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Unity Editor extension for making VRChat worlds

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 5 days agoCreated on March 10th, 2020
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VRWorld Toolkit is an Unity Editor extension made to make VRChat world creation easier and overall lower the entry-level to make a good performing world. Currently the tool is aimed only for people making VRChat worlds but I’m considering making so it can be used even for standalone game development.

Contact me on discord to report problems: 1.#0001

Current features

  1. World Debugger

Goes over trough your scene and checks for common issues and makes suggestions what to improve. Includes over 70 different tips, warnings, errors and general messages currently!

  1. Disable On Build

Adds a Tag you can assign to GameObjects you want to disable when the world is uploaded. Biggest use case is using this for trigger based occlusion.

  1. Post Processing setup

Automatically import and setup a simple starter Post Processing setup for you to edit further

Disclaimer: This extension is still a work in progress. Even though I try to test it thoroughly things can break. Remember to make backups of your projects and use this at your own risk!

Thanks to

  • Pumkin - For helping me a lot to get started and creating the original Disable On Upload feature that got me started on this project
  • Silent - For making my texts more clear and for help on Post Processing features
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