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The official Unity integration for Yarn Spinner, the friendly dialogue tool.

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Yarn Spinner for Unity

Yarn Spinner logo

Yarn Spinner is the friendly tool for writing dialogue games. This repo contains the Unity integration; you can find the core Yarn Spinner compiler in its own repository.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to install Yarn Spinner in your Unity project. Yarn Spinner is available as a package via OpenUPM, and via direct download as a .unitypackage file.

Quick Start: Direct download

To install Yarn Spinner via direct download, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the releases page, and download the .unitypackage.
  2. Open the .unitypackage, and import its contents into your project.

Yarn Spinner will be installed into the YarnSpinner folder in your project’s Assets.

Quick Start: OpenUPM

To install Yarn Spinner via OpenUPM, follow these steps:

  1. Install openupm-cli.
  2. Open a terminal, and navigate to your project’s folder.
  3. Run the following command: openupm add dev.yarnspinner.unity

Yarn Spinner will be installed into the Yarn Spinner folder in your project’s Packages.

More Information

More detailed information on how to install Yarn Spinner is available on the Yarn Spinner site.


Looking for help with Yarn Spinner? We’ve got you covered.


If you’re new to Yarn Spinner, we suggest following the tutorial.


Once you’ve followed the tutorial, you should read the Yarn language guide.

For a deeper dive into how Yarn Spinner for Unity works, we’ve written a complete guide to the various bits and pieces.

API Reference

A full reference to the API of Yarn Spinner, including the Unity integration, is available.


There are several places to get more help with Yarn Spinner, and stay up to date with what’s happening.


Yarn Spinner is available under the MIT License. This means that you can use it in any commercial or noncommercial project. The only requirement is that you need to include attribution in your game’s docs. A credit would be very, very nice, too, but isn’t required. If you’d like to know more about what this license lets you do, tldrlegal.com have a very nice write up about the MIT license that you might find useful.


Yarn Spinner was originally created by Secret Lab, an Australian game dev studio. Come say hi!

The logo was made by Cecile Richard.

NYU Game Center logo

Yarn Spinner’s development is made possible in part by NYU Game Center.

Help Us Make Yarn Spinner!

Yarn Spinner needs your help to be as awesome as it can be! You don’t have to be a coder to help out.

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