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Unity-VFXToolBox has a lot of tools for ParticleSystem.
・Create Empty ParticleSystem
・Shader Preset Tools (Custom Data & Custom Vertex Streams)


  • Unity 2020.2.0 or higher
  • Universal RP 10.2.2 or higher

Git Path (Unity Package Manager)


Usage (Shader Preset)

Shader Preset save ParticleSystem CustomData and VertexStreams in association with Shader.

STEP 1 : Create Preset

Window -> VFX ToolBox -> Material Preset Generator

Use Meterial Preset Generator to create ShaderPresetData.

Edit CustomData and Vertex Streams in ShaderPresetData.

STEP 2 : Register Preset

Register ShaderPresetData to ShaderPresetDataBase.

STEP 3 : Apply Preset

Window -> VFX ToolBox -> Material Preset Attacher

Drag & Drop ParticleSystem to Material Preset Attacher window and click apply button.


ParticleSystem’s Custom Vertex Streams and Custom Data will be overwrited.

VFX Samples

Installation (UPM)

You can install VFX samples via Unity Package Manager.

Sample 001 (VFX Samples)


Sample 002 (Aura VFX Samples)


Sample 003 (Procedural Mesh Generator)

Sample 003 contains procedural mesh generator implemented in Unity C#.

  • Spiral Mesh Generator
  • Disc Mesh Generator
  • Cylinder Mesh Generator

Disc Generator

You can generate disc mesh via DiscMeshGenerator component.

Disc Generator Samples

There are few disc mesh samples in Sample003_ProceduralMesh/Sample003_Disc.unity.

Spiral Mesh Generator


Cylinder Mesh Generator


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