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Unity 2020.1.0b2Unknown LicenseUpdated 161 days agoCreated on June 17th, 2020
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Unity-VFXToolBox has a lot of tools for ParticleSystem.
・Create Empty ParticleSystem
・Shader Preset Tools (Custom Data & Custom Vertex Streams)

Usage (Shader Preset)

Shader Preset save ParticleSystem CustomData and VertexStreams in association with Shader.

STEP 1 : Create Preset

Window -> VFX ToolBox -> Material Preset Generator

Use Meterial Preset Generator to create ShaderPresetData.

Edit CustomData and Vertex Streams in ShaderPresetData.

STEP 2 : Register Preset

Register ShaderPresetData to ShaderPresetDataBase.

STEP 3 : Apply Preset

Window -> VFX ToolBox -> Material Preset Attacher

Drag & Drop ParticleSystem to Material Preset Attacher window and click apply button.


ParticleSystem’s Custom Vertex Streams and Custom Data will be overwrited.

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