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a web-based logging utility for Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 116 days agoCreated on June 6th, 2020
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Logist is a WIP extension/replacement for Unity’s built in logging system. It works by capturing log data at runtime via its own Logist.Log() command and by capturing data from Unity’s native Debug.Log() & friends. These logs then get exported for use with the Logist web-app


why logist

Unity’s native debug logging system is totally useable for development if you just want to get a few updates from your code every once in a while, but if you want to generate a full log of what has occurred in game mode session or in a build, you’ll quickly end up with a dense, hard to read log file or lots of unfiltered Debug.Log messages that carry with them a decent performance penalty.
The goal of Logist is to make logging a bit easier by generating an output log file to be viewed with the Logist web-application. Logist also provides additional utilities not found in Unity’s debug logging system like log categories, which can be filtered in the web-app.


  • Provide utilities to integrate Logist into Unity’s debug system, rather than just the other way around
  • Allow users to add custom info to logs
  • Allow users to attach images to logs
  • Allow for serializing log content as generated instead of at application shutdown
  • Support smaller serialization formats
  • Add customizable categories
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