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A small GPU-accelerated Unity Editor utility for generating particle textures in the Inspector.

Unity 2018.4.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 38 days agoCreated on March 16th, 2020
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Particle textures in use

This is a small Editor utility I created for testing out particles in Unity.

It’s a big hassle (in my opinion) to go back’n’forth from Unity to an image processing application to just slightly tweak transparency or falloff of a particle texture. That’s why I created this one.

This is not a full tool, but something I created just for my own needs and use-case. I will probably extend it later when I need something else.

I implemented the particle texture rendering in a compute shader so that it would be fast and snappy to use when tweaking settings.


  • Generate both the particle shape and the color.

    • Colorization with a gradient.
  • Procedural creation of particle shapes.

    • Distance fields used to generate smooth shapes.
    • 10+ available shapes.
  • Rendering is handled on GPU using compute shaders.

  • Texture will be applied automatically to the chosen particle system.

  • Ability to save the generated texture to disk.

  • Name texture.

  • Custom Inspector with:

    • a Gradient Editor.
      • Edit both color and transparency.
    • Select shader.
      • Choose from pre-selected shader options.
    • Select resolution.
      • from 32x32 to 1024x1024.
    • Select particle shape.
    • Texture preview.
    • Supports Undo etc. Unity functionality.


User Interface

Generated particle textures in action

Particle textures in use

Particle textures in use

Particle textures in use

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