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Unity 2D project including changing background color and click audio playing with LabStreamingLayer for data streaming

Unity 2019.4.17f1MIT LicenseUpdated 192 days agoCreated on December 11th, 2019
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Simple Unity 2D project with changing background color and click audio playing using LabStreamingLayer. This project is a very basic example meant for audio and video latency testing of EEG recordings in VR experiments using the LSL library for data streaming.

Color changing from black to white sample:

Changing Background

To customize the playing audio, the changing colors or the exposition or repetition times, as well as how the data is sent via LSL, modify the script: Assets/Scripts/Controller.cs

Use the LSL App LabRecorder while running the build or playing the scene on the editor to see and record the LSL data streams.

For the further latency analysis check out this repo:

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