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[Unity] Project for Audio Analysis for audio reactive fx

Unity 2019.3.15f1MIT LicenseUpdated 67 days agoCreated on April 23rd, 2020
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Audio Analysis for Audio Reactive FX

Audio Analysis Component

Audio Analysis is a component which takes the attached audio source and calculates the levels. Derived from Keijiro’s code, It supports Property Binders that modifies properties of attached objects based on the amplitude level.

The component breaks down the frequency data into 8 bins based on the frequency classification as below:

Audio Band Description Frequency Range (Hz)
0 Sub Bass 0-86
1 Bass 87- 258
2 Low-Mids 259-602
3 Mids 603-1290
4 Upper-Mids 1291-2666
5 Presence 2667- 6418
6 Brilliance 6419-10922
7 Dog Whistle 10923-21930Hz

There are two kind of audio levels calculated from the audio source.

  • Actual digital output which can have abrupt fall or spikes.
  • Buffered levels which smooths down the fall value. Useful to make choppy animations smoother.

Select an Audio Channel to use as an input.



Parameter Binder

Example demo showcasing a sphere scaled by the audio amplitude. It uses the Audio Analysis component to calculate the audio amplitude and a Property Binder to animate the scale property of the sphere.


VFX Binder

LevelMeter is a slightly advanced example of the use of Audio Level Tracker that shows low/mid/high frequency band levels. It also uses the raw waveform function to draw the waveform graph.


System Requirements

  • Unity 2019.3 or later for parameter binders

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