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Unity Music App

The Unity Music Application is created and built on Unity. It allows users to interact with a virtual instrument setup and play notes for the respective instrument. This application is simple as it was used to learn the basics of Unity and understand UI elements.

User Stories

  • This application will allow users to mimic playing an instrument.
  • This application will allow the user to interact with different instruments.

Explanation of the Application

The application currently has two instruments, the piano and a basic drum kit. As seen in the screenshot below the two instruments are to be selected from the main menu. Main Menu


The piano is simple and it covers the range of notes from C to a E in the next octave. Piano


The drum is also simple and allows the user to play one of the most common assortment of drums. Drum


There is currently a zip folder with a .exe version of the application included in this repository, but the application can also be built for other platforms, verification that other platforms work when built has not been tested, but other platforms include Android, iOS, and MAC.

Secondly a video of the application being used is included as a .flv video file in the repository.


  • Better visuals for the Drums.
  • A autoplay function which allows the user to specify the order of notes to be played.
  • A recording function and replaying function.
  • Allow the user to specify the range of notes to be playable on the piano.
  • Be able to play chords on the piano instead of just singular notes.
  • Integrate other instruments like string or wind instruments.
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