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A user-programmable ray-tracing framework for Unity using compute shaders

Unity 2019.3.15f1Apache License 2.0Updated 3 days agoCreated on June 11th, 2020
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A user programmable ray-tracing framework for Unity

In this project, we will design and implement a ray-trace framework based on programming models presented by modern commodity GPUs. The framework will define and support replaceable processing modules in ray-tracing, such as ray generation, ray-object intersections, and illumination. The framework will be designed and implemented targeting general-purpose commodity GPUs and does not require special-purpose hardware. This feature will enable platform portability.

Image of multiple reflection between spheres Multiple reflections (4 generations) between primitive spheres. Intersect program, closest hit shader, and secondary ray generations, are programmable.


  • Design and implement a ray-tracing framework on the Unity 3D engine. This framework will allow users to program various ray-tracing modules.

  • Implement a collection of the modules to demonstrate the feasibility and modularity of the framework and assess the performance of the framework.

Feature Backlog

  • Provides real-time ray-tracing rendering capability in both offline editing (edit-mode) and runtime (play-mode).
  • Supports at least three different replaceable and programmable ray-tracing modules.
  • Defines the interfaces between the three modules.
  • Allows custom programs to modify the rendering in runtime.
  • Support different ray generation kernels.
  • Support multiple illumination models in the same scene.
  • Support directional light sources, point light sources, and spotlight light sources.
  • Support shadow rendering by shadow rays or by shadow maps.
  • Refraction and transparency.
  • Volumetric rendering, such as light shaft and scattering.
  • Allow users to define programs for generating acceleration structures.
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