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Unity Shader that emulates an explosion using layered perlin noise. The shader involves vertex modification, color manipulation and a camera shader as well. Implemented in C# for Unity 3D.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 125 days agoCreated on June 19th, 2020
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Volumetric Explosion Shader for Unity 3D

Unity Shader that emulates a volumetric explosion of a sphere. There are 3 shaders involved: a vertex/fragment shader that handles the color and shape of the sphere using layered perlin noise, a smoke shader and a camera shader that lightens up as the explosion takes place. Implemented in C#.


Unity Version: 2018.4.4f1


For visualization

Download exe-unity folder and store it in your computer.
Open the zipped folder and click on the .EXE file.

For the source code

Download unity-project folder and decompress it.
Open it as a Unity 3D project.


Preview version of an explosion using the shader is:

alt text

Siggraph 2020 FSSW Exhibit

alt text

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