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Texture processing in Unity using HLSL/Compute shader and groupshared memory

Unity 2018.4.18f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 122 days agoCreated on May 19th, 2020
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Tile processing image

This is a proof-of-concept project, which I made when I was thinking about how to create padded tiles when processing image using localshared memory in a compute shader. This is continuation of my Gaussian blur test which uses groupshared memory.

There might still be a few things wrong in this and it might be (most likely) not really useful, and it’s much more complicated than just accessing a texture to different directions from the current pixel. But I wanted to figure out how I can calculate indicies for padded data and how to copy data to the the padding zones. Might come useful later in another project.

I created a Sobel convolution filter as a test visualization to see if texture lookups happen in correct locations etc.


  • This test setup has just a simple scene, and you can adjust the test parameters in the Inspector
  • You can select an image to test the convolution filter on
  • Processed image is blitted to the screen
  • I left in a few development-time thread debug visualizations to help understand the logic


  • Built in Unity 2018.4, most likely works on later versions
  • This implementation assumes a square image
  • Verbose comments in the code in case you find this interesting…

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